Meet Bay Buchanan

In 1980, President Ronald Reagan handpicked me to be the Treasurer of the United States. If you handpick me to be your agent, I will treat it with the same sense of responsibility. President Reagan had a vision for America, and I did my best to help him achieve that. You have a vision too, of finding your dream home, or of exciting new adventures after selling your current one. As your agent, I would again do my very best to help you make that vision a reality, with as little stress and headache for you as possible.

Having been born and raised in the District, and having raised three boys here as a single mom, I know this area as well as anyone and better than most. Whether you’re looking to sell or hoping to buy; whether you’re downsizing or selling the family homestead, let me fight your battles so you don’t have to. It’s been over thirty years since I worked in the administration, but I still know how to give the presidential treatment, and with me, you’ll get nothing less.

With me, you get local know-how with a world of experience. That’s a promise.

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